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All About Doulas

What is a Doula?
Why hire a Doula?
Choosing a Doula
Partners and Doulas
Writing a birth plan
Choosing a caregiver
Questions for your caregiver
Choosing a place of birth
Choosing a childbirth class
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All About Doulas

Everything you wanted to know about what doulas do, how to find one, and how a doula can help you.

What is a doula? 
Not quite sure what a doula is? Wondering what the difference between a doula and a midwife is? Learn about the role of the doula and how they make up part of your birth support team.

Why hire a doula? 
Having a doula present can make a dramatic difference for your birth. There are many reasons why women choose doulas. Find out some of the ways that a doula can help you and your partner.

Choosing a doula 
If there are many doulas in your area, choosing the right one can be tough. Here you can find tips on what to look for in a doula and questions to ask, helping you to find the doula that is the right match for you.

Partners and doulas 
Will a doula replace my partner? No! Many partners are concerned about their role and how they can work together with a doula. Read more about how doulas can work together with partners, as well as benefiting them.

Writing a birth plan 
How do you write a birth plan that really works? This simple guide walks you through what is really important in a birth plan and how to ensure it is read and followed through. The interactive birth plan checklist helps you to get a great start on writing your birth plan.

Choosing a caregiver 
Knowing how to find the right caregiver for you can seem almost impossible. Recognizing your own needs, what you are looking for, and then how to find a caregiver that matches those needs is all covered on this page.

Questions for your caregiver 
Knowing the right questions to ask a caregiver is important in being able to find the caregiver who is the right match for you. No more feeling daunted in the doctor's office or forgetting what you meant to ask. Work through the questions to ask a caregiver and feel confident at your next appointment.

Choosing a place of birth 
Not sure where to have your baby? Hospital, home, or birth center? There are pros and cons to each choice and here you can read about all the ups and downs, helping you to  decide what's right for you.

Choosing a childbirth class 
Childbirth classes can be offered privately, and through hospitals or clinics. But is the class a really great class? Are they going to give you all the information or only a limited amount? How do you find a childbirth class that really does its job? This easy guide explains all!

What else do I need? 
You have worked out what sort of birth you want and have chosen a doula. What else do you need to do to prepare for your birth? Look at all the factors and how to put everything in place to help you have the birth that is right for you!


How are doulas trained?


Some doulas have been through formal training programs, while others have chosen not to. A formal training program enables you, as the client, to determine the key skills the doula has attained.


Training programs vary from weekend workshops to more comprehensive six month programs.


You can always contact the prganization the doula is trained and certified through to determine the type of training they undertook.


The most important factor though, when choosing a doula, is how you feel about them. Trust your instincts!








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